Unit 17 The Country and its People

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Unit 17 The Country and its People

Welcome to Canada
? In size, economic power, international prestige, Canada has an important role in the world. ? Canada is rated as having the best sandard of living in the world. ? Canada's population is very small. ? The misleading perceptions people have about Canada. ? The good relationship between Canada and the UAS. ? The things that make Canada distinctively different—the two official languages—English and French. ? What make Canadian Canadain?

The Regions of Canada
? Canada stretches "sea to sea" as its motto. ? Canada and the US share the longest undefended national border in the world. ? Canada's physical geography includes mountains, rivers, prairies and a variety of different climates.

The North
? the Land of Midnight Sun ? Three territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut ? It is difficult to definate the exactly border of Canada. ? the northen economy

The West
? The western-most province is British Columbia ? the Rockies is in this area. ? BC is Canada's second largest producer of hydroelectric power. ? Its economy mainstay is its forests.

Wind Powered Hydroelectric

The Prairies

? The region is divided into three provinces: Alberta, Saskatchawan, and Manitoba. ? The winters are cold and the summers are hot, but the terrain is well-suited for farming. ? Mainly populated in the 1800's by immigrants from Europe. ? The area is known as Canada's “breadbasket.” Wheat is one of Canada's biggest agricultural crops. ? Alberta is Canada's main beef and feed producer.

Western Prairie Farm

Central Canada
? Ontario and Quebec ? Central Canada is the oldest region. The first colonist settled in Quebec in the early 1600s. ? The region is divided into two provinces: Quebec and Ontario. ? Industrial heartland and most densely populated area in Canada. ? More than half of Canada's population lives in these two provinces. ? Ottawa is Canada's capital.

The Atlantic Region
? The Atlantic region is composed of four maritime provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland. ? These provinces are small in population and rely on the fishing industry for their wealth. ? Halifax, Nova Scotia is the major port on Canada's East coast. ? Nova Scotia was the first part of Canada to be settled, 1604.

? Canada was first “discovered” in the 11th century by Norsemen. ? The earliest major settlements were established in Nova Scotia in 1604 and Quebec in 1608. ? The Company of New France ? Canada was born in 1867 when Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia joined together.

What's in a Name?
? Some say that it comes from the Spanish for "nothing here". ? Others suggest it comes from one or more the languages spoken by the First Nations. ? Other names