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Ⅰ.阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分;满分 30 分) A
What will power your house in the future?Nuclear,wind,or solar power? According to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)in the US, it might be leaves—but artificial (人造的) ones.
Natural leaves are able to change sunlight and water into energy.It is known as photosynthesis(光合作用).Now researchers have found a way to imitate this seemingly simple process.
The artificial leaf developed by Daniel Nocera and his colleagues at MIT can be seen as a special silicon chip with catalysts (催化剂).Similar to natural leaves,it can split water into hydrogen and oxygen when put into a bucket of water.The hydrogen and oxygen gases are then stored in a fuel cell,which uses those two materials to produce electricity,located either on top of a house or beside the house.
Though the leaf is only about the shape of a poker card,scientists claimed that it is promising to be an inexpensive source of electricity in developing countries.“One can imagine villages in India and Africa not long from now purchasing an affordable basic power system based on this technology,”said Nocera at a conference of the American Chemical Society.
The artificial leaf is not a new idea.The first artificial leaf was invented in 1997 but was too expensive and unstable for practical use.The new leaf,by contrast,is made of cheap materials,easy to use and highly stable.In laboratory studies,Nocera showed that an artificial leaf prototype(原型)could operate continuously for at least 45 hours without a drop in activity.
The wonderful improvements come from Nocera's recent discovery of several powerful , new and inexpensive catalysts.These catalysts make the energy

transformation inside the leaf more efficient with water and sunlight.Right now,the

new leaf is about 10 times more efficient at carrying out photosynthesis than a natural

one.Besides,the device can run in whatever water is available:that is,it doesn't need

pure water.This is important for some countries that don't have access to pure water.

With the goal to “make each home its own power station”and “give energy to

the poor”,scientists believe that the new technology could be widely used in

developing countries,especially in India and rural China.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇科普文。文章介绍了科学家利用人造树叶效仿光


1.Which of the following orders correctly shows how the artificial leaf is used to

produce electricity?

a.Artificial leaves split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

b.The hydrogen and oxygen gases are stored in a fuel cell.

c.The artificial leaves are put in water.

d.The fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.





【解析】 细节理解题。文章的第三段提到人造树叶发电的过程:先把它放



【答案】 B

2.The purpose of the scientists at MIT in developing the new artificial leaf is to


A.build up more power stations in the world

B.provide cheaper energy for developing countries

C.offer people in developing countries access to pure water

D.gain a deeper understanding of the photosynthesis process

【解析】 推理判断题。根据最后一段可知,人造树叶发电这一技术可以帮


【答案】 B 3.The main idea of this passage is ________. A.an introduction to the history of artificial leaves B.an invention copying photosynthesis C.giving energy to the poor D.a mixture of water power and solar energy 【解析】 主旨大意题。综观全文可知,本文主要讲述了人造树叶模拟光合


【答案】 B

4.The underlined word“imitate”in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by“________”.





【解析】 词义猜测题。画线部分的前文介绍了什么是光合作用,后文介绍


故 D 项是最佳答案。 【答案】 D

B (2016·江西九江一中高二月考)Sometimes you'll hear people say that you can't

love others until you love yourself.Sometimes you'll hear people say that you can't expect someone else to love you until you love yourself.Either way,you've got to love

yourself first and this can be tricky.Sure we all know that we're the apple of our parents' eyes,and that our Grandmas think we're great talents and our Uncle Roberts

think that we will go to the Olympices.But sometimes it's a lot harder to think such nice thoughts about ourselves.If you find that believing in yourself is a challenge,it is time you build a positive self?image and learn to love yourself.
Self?image is your own mind's picture of yourself.This image includes the way you look,the way you act,the way you talk and the way you think.Interestingly,our self ? image are often quite different from the images others hold about us.Unfortunately,most of these images are more negative than they should be.Thus

changing the way you think about yourself is the key to changing your self-image and

your whole world. The best way to defeat a passive self?image is to step back and decide to stress
your successes.That is,make a list if you need to,but write down all of the great things you do every day.Don't allow doubts to occur in it.
It very well might be that you are experiencing a negative self?image because you can't move past one flaw or weakness that you see about yourself.Well,roll up your sleeves and make a change of it as your primary task.If you think you're silly because you aren't good at math,find a tutor.If you think you're weak because you can't run a mile,get to the track and practice.If you think you're dull because you don't wear the latest trends,buy a few new clothes.But remember,just because you think it doesn't mean it's true.
The best way to get rid of a negative self?image is to realize that your image is far from objective , and to actively convince yourself of your positive qualities.Changing the way you think and working on those you need to improve will go a long way towards promoting a positive self-image.When you can pat(拍)yourself on the back,you'll know you're well on your way.Good luck!
【语篇解读】 本文作者主要阐述如何消除否定的自我形象和如何建立肯定 的自我形象。
5.You need to build a positive self-image when you ________. A.dare to challenge yourself B.feel it hard to change yourself C.are unconfident about yourself D.have a high opinion of yourself 【解析】 细节理解题。本题题眼在第一段最后一句。关键是理解“If you find that believing in yourself is a challenge”,“当你觉得自信是一种挑战时”,也就是 “当你不够自信时”。 【答案】 C 6.According to the passage,our self?images ________. A.have positive effects

B.are probably untrue C.are often changeable D.have different functions 【解析】 细节理解题。由第四段最后一句和第五段第一句可知。 【答案】 B 7.How should you change your self-image according to the passage? A.To keep a different image of others. B.To make your life successful. C.To understand your own world. D.To change the way you think. 【解析】 细节理解题。由第二段最后一句“Thus changing the way you think about yourself is the key to changing your self-image and your whole world.”可知。 【答案】 D 8.What is the passage mainly about? A.How to prepare for your success. B.How to face challenges in your life. C.How to build a positive self?image. D.How to develop your good qualities. 【解析】 主旨大意题。第一段最后一句中有“build a positive self-image,” 第三段首句的“The best way to defeat a passive self-image is to...,”最后一段的首 句“The best way to get rid of a negative self-image is to...”都是说明如何建立肯 定的自我形象的。 【答案】 C
C (2016·江西吉安一中高二下段考)The Netherlands on Monday introduced its first-ever intelligent bicycle,fitted with electronic devices to help bring down the high accident rate among elderly cyclists in the bicycle?mad country. Developed for the government by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) , the intelligent bicycle runs on electricity.A commercial-available bicycle is expected to be on the market in the next two years

and should sell for between 1,700 to 3,200 euros per bicycle. The devices on the bike are linked through an onboard computer with a vibrating
(震动的) warning system fitted in the bicycle's saddle and handlebars to warn cyclists of the coming danger.
The saddle vibrates when other cyclists approach from behind,while,the handlebars do the same when barriers appear ahead.
“Accidents often happen when cyclists look behind them or get a fright when they are passed at high speed,”said Maurice Kwakkernaat,one of TNO's research scientists involved in the project“. The onboard system technology has already been at work in the car industry,”he said.
“More and more elderly people are using a bicycle,not only for short distances,but also for longer distances,”Dutch Environment and Infrastructure Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen told AFP.“This type of bicycle is truly needed in the Netherlands because it will help us bring down the number of elderly people who are injured every year and allow them to continue to enjoy cycling,”she said.
In the Netherlands,bicycles outnumber the population of 17 million by at least one million and there are some 25,000 km of bicycle path in the country.Those statistics are set to grow as more and more people take to two-wheeled transport, leading to an increased risk of injury.
Last year,184 cyclists died in the country,of which 124, or 67%,were older than 65,according to the Central Statistics Office.The year before,200 cyclists died, the majority of victims also being elderly.
The current model weighs 25 kilograms but researchers are working on making the onboard systems smaller.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇科普文,主要介绍了一种新型的、灵巧的自行车。 9.The intelligent bicycle is aimed to ________. A.protect the environment B.help reduce traffic pressure C.popularize the use of bicycles

D.improve safety for elderly cyclists 【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第一句“The Netherlands on Monday introduced its first-ever intelligent bicycle,fitted with electronic devices to help bring down the high accident rate among elderly cyclists in the bicycle?mad country.”可 知,这种自行车是为了提高年龄较大的骑行者骑车的安全性。故选 D 项。 【答案】 D 10.Which part of the intelligent bicycle will vibrate when other cyclists was suddenly found ahead? A.The handlebars. B.The wheels. C.The saddle. D.The onboard computer. 【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的“The saddle vibrates when other cyclists approach from behind...”可知选 A 项。 【答案】 A 11.We can learn from the passage that ________. A.the elderly ride bicycles wherever they go B.the accident rate among elderly cyclists is high C.the number of elderly cyclists is decreasing D.the elderly are planning to give up cycling 【解析】 推理判断题。根据文章倒数第二段的“Last year,184 cyclists died in the country,of which 124,or 67%,were older than 65,according to the Central Statistics Office.”可知选 B 项。 【答案】 B 12.Which is the best title for the passage? A.A Test Bicycle B.Elderly Cyclists C.A Smart Bicycle D.A Bicycle?mad Country

【解析】 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章主要介绍了一种新型的适合老 年人骑行的、灵巧的自行车。故选 C 项。
【答案】 C D
“If you want to see something well,reach out and touch it!” That may seem a strange thing to say.But touching things can help you to see them better. Your eyes can tell you that a glass ball is round.But by holding it in your hands, you can feel how smooth and cool the ball is.You can feel how heavy the glass is.When you feel all these about the ball,you really see it. With your skin,you can feel better.For example,your fingers can tell the difference between two coins in your pockets.You can feel a little drop of water on the back of your hand,too. You can even feel sounds against your skin.Have you ever wanted to know why some people like very loud music?They must like to feel the sounds of music. All children soon learn what“Don't touch!”means.They hear it often.Yet most of us keep on touching things as we grow up.In shops,we often have to touch things before we buy them. The bottoms of our feet can feel things,too.You know this when you walk on warm sand,cool grass or a hard floor.All feel different under your feet. There are ways of learning to see well by feeling.One way is to close your eyes and try to feel everything that is touching your skin.Feel the shoes on your feet,the clothes on your body,the air on your skin... Most museums are just for looking.But today some museums have some things to touch.Their signs say,“Do touch!”There you can feel everything on show. 【语篇解读】 本文主要讲了如果你想更好的看事物,就要去触摸,这样才 能真正的了解和认识事物。 13.By touching things,________. A.you will have a strange feeling

B.you will learn how to reach out C.you can see things better D.you can tell what colors they are 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第三段“But by holding it in your hands,you can feel how smooth and cool the ball is.You can feel how heavy the glass is.When you feel all these about the ball,you really see it.”第四段“With your skin,you can feel better.”可知通过触摸,我们可以了解更多关于所见物品的信息,故 C 正确。 【答案】 C 14.Which of the following best serves as the best title of the story? A.Touching by Feeling B.To See or to Feel C.Seeing by Feeling D.Seeing Is Believing 【解析】 主旨大意题。文章主要讲的就是关于能更好的了解事物的方法 ——触摸。故 C 正确。 【答案】 C 15.When people buy things in shops,they often ________. A.try them on first B.put their right hand on them C.just have a look D.feel and touch them 【解析】 推理判断题。根据最后一段第一行“Most museums are just for looking.But today some museums have some things to touch.”说明现在的博物馆里 游客已经可以触摸展览品了,故 D 说法正确。 【答案】 D Ⅱ.阅读填句(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) (2016·河北邢台一中高二下月考)Of the many unpleasant emotions we can experience,fear may top the list.__16__ Fear can also keep us from pursuing the things in life that really matter—like following our dreams,and developing important

relationships.I have some ideas,though,of how to be free from fear. ●Experience fear. I used to be very afraid of speaking in front of people.I would get sweaty palms
and my stomach would be so tried up that I wouldn't be able to eat.However,each time I spoke,I noticed afterwards that it wasn't that bad.Things I fear are never as bad in reality as I make them out in my mind.__17__
●Create space. The first and most important step to being fearless is to create some space between ourselves and the emotion of fear.This isn't accomplished by ignoring the fear,or trying to talk ourselves out of it.__18__ In fact,a recent research shows that by simply admitting the emotion we actually begin to reverse the“fight or flight(逃 避)”response in the body. ●Control the breath and feel the fear. Once we acknowledge the presence of fear,the second step is to control the breathing so that it becomes slower and gentler.We try to make the breath just a little bit longer,and feel how fear manifests (展现)in the body.__19__ With practice,we can create enough space between us and the emotion of fear so that we're able to replace a fearful thought with a positive one.__20__ For instance, before I get up to speak in front of a group of people,I imagine that the audience is positively impressed by what I say and that I manage to complete the speech successfully. A.We can imagine a positive outcome for whatever we're about to do. B.Space is created only when we can honestly acknowledge that fear exists. C.Fear,if left uncontrolled,can even destroy our life. D.As we pay attention to the physical symptoms of fear,we can see fear objectively. E.When we can see a positive outcome in our mind,fear no longer holds us back. F.But fear is more than just physically unpleasant.

G.So one way to get rid of fear is to simply push ourselves to do things that we fear.
【答案】 16-20 FGBDA Ⅲ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I was sure that I was to be killed.I became terribly nervous.I reached in my pockets to see if there were any cigarettes,which had __21__ their search.I found __22__ and because of my shaking hands,I could __23__ get it to my lips.But I had no matches,they had taken those.I looked __24__ the bars at my jailer.He did not make eye contact with me.I __25__ out to him“Have you got a light?”He looked at me,shrugged and came over to light my cigarette.__26__ he came close and lit the match,his eyes inadvertently locked with mine.At that moment,I __27__.I don't know why I did that.Perhaps it was __28__,perhaps it was because,when you get very,one to another,it is very __29__ not to smile.In that instant,it was __30__ a spark jumped across the gap between our two hearts,our two human souls.I know he didn't want to,but my smile leaped through the bars and generated smile on his lips, too.He lit my cigarette but __31__,looking at me directly in the eyes and continuing to smile. I __32__ smiling at him,now aware of him as a(n) __33__ and not just a jailer.And his looking at me seemed to have a new __34__ too.“Do you have kids?”he asked.“Yes,here,here.”I took out my wallet and nervously fumbled for the __35__ of my family.He,too,took out the pictures of his family and began to talk about his plans and hopes for them.My eyes filled with tears.I said that I feared that I'd never see my family again,never have the chance to see them grow up.Tears came to his eyes,too.__36__ without another word,he __37__ my cell (牢房)and silently led me out.Out of the jail,quietly and by back routes,out of the town.There,at the edge of town,he released me.And without another word,he turned back toward the town. “My life was __38__ by a smile.”Yes,the smile—the unaffected,unplanned __39__ connection between people.I really believe that if that part of you and that

part of me could __40__ each other,we wouldn't be enemies.We couldn't have hate or

envy or fear.

【语篇解读】 《微笑》是法国作家安东尼·圣艾修伯里的作品,圣艾修伯








【解析】 此处的 escaped their search 字面上就表示出“(烟)逃离了他们的


【答案】 C





【解析】 one 指代前文中的一支烟。

【答案】 D





【解析】 因为“手抖”,所以“好不容易地”把烟放进嘴里。

【答案】 A





【解析】 bars 指监狱的铁窗,透过铁窗的间隙看着狱卒,下文也有提示。

【答案】 B





【解析】 根据下文的(狱卒)“came over”判断我们隔着些距离,应该是“大


【答案】 C





【解析】 当他靠*的时候。

【答案】 A





【解析】 那一刻,我微笑了。也正是这一微笑,消除了他们之间的隔阂。

【答案】 D





【解析】 可能是因为紧张,这是对一位蹲监狱的人的一种合乎逻辑的推测。

【答案】 B





【解析】 当你如此靠*另一个人,你很难不对他微笑。

【答案】 B


B.as well as

C.as though

D.as long as

【解析】 微笑如同火花般,打破了我们心灵间的隔阂。

【答案】 C

31.A.went away

B.dropped out

C.left behind

D.stayed near

【解析】 根据“looking at me directly in the eyes”可判断出。

【答案】 D





【解析】 狱卒朝我微笑,我自然也微笑,认识到他不仅仅是一名狱卒。

【答案】 A





【解析】 认识到他不仅仅是一名狱卒,也是一个有血有肉有感情的人。

【答案】 D





【解析】 下文他突然问及孩子,所以这里是有了另外一个念头。

【答案】 A





【解析】 根据下文“He,too,took out the pictures of his family...”可知。

【答案】 C





【解析】 狱卒听作者说他的家庭和孩子,不禁触及他内心柔软的部分令他


【答案】 D





【解析】 unlock 打开(牢房)。

【答案】 B





【解析】 是微笑“救了”他的命。

【答案】 C





【解析】 微笑是人与人之间最自然、真挚的沟通方式。

【答案】 B





【解析】 如果我们能用心灵去认识彼此,世间就不会有结怨成仇的憾事: 恨意、嫉妒、恐惧也会不复存在。
【答案】 D Ⅳ.语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) One day an ant was drinking at a small stream and fell in.She made desperate efforts 41.________ (reach)the side , but made no progress at all.The poor 42.________ (exhaust)ant was still bravely doing her best when a dove saw her.Moved by her 43.________ (determine)and perseverance,the bird threw her a blade of grass,44.________ supported her like a raft,and thus the ant reached the bank again.While she was resting and drying 45.________ (she)in the grass,she 46.________ (hear)a man come near.He was walking along barefooted 47.________ a gun in his hand.As soon as he saw the dove,he wished to kill it.He would certainly have done so,but the ant bit him in the foot just as he raised his gun to fire.He stopped to see 48.________ had bit him,and the dove 49.________ (immediate)flew away.It was an animal much 50.________ (weak)that had saved her life. 【答案】 41.to reach 根据句意,可知此处要用不定式表目的,故填 to reach。 42.exhausted 根据文意,可知此处要用一个形容词修饰其后的名词 ant, 故用 exhausted。 43.determination 分析句意,可知空格前是一个形容词性物主代词,故其 后用名词 determination。 44.which 分析句子,可知这是一个非限制性定语从句,在从句中缺主语。 由于先行词是空格前的 a blade of grass,可知要用关系代词 which。 45.herself 由于空格前的 drying 在本句中是一个及物动词,故其后应该用 宾语,根据句意,故填 herself。 46.heard 根据文意,整篇文章都是以一般过去时的时态叙述整件事的, 故动词用过去式。 47.with 根据句意,可知此处要用一个介词表伴随,根据介词的性质,可 知要用 with。

48.what 分析句子,可知本句是一个宾语从句,在从句中缺少主语,要填


49.immediately 分析句子,可知空格处应该用一个副词来修饰其后面的动

词 flew,故用 immediately。

50.weaker 分析句子,可知空格前是 much,故可知空格处应该用形容词

的比较级。根据句意,故填 weaker。

Ⅴ.短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 【导学号:73450038】

The“only child”policy has been changed in our country.It is possible that some

of us may have a brother and sister.In a survey about the acceptance of a sibling,most

of my classmate say yes.They are very glad to have a companion at home,with which

they will no longer feel lonely.Beside,they can learn to offer help to others.However,

the few who say no is afraid that their parents would love them less whether they had

a sibling.

As for me,there be a younger brother and sister at home,I will be very

happy.For one thing,a little child is a great fun and I can play with him or her

cheerful.For another,I will have an intimate friend to share my life.How nice it is to

grow up with a sibling!


The“only child”policy has been changed in our country.It is possible that some







and or










most of my

classmate classmates

say yes.They are very glad to have a companion at home,


which whom


















is are








whether less if they had a sibling.




be being











happy.For one thing,a little child is a great fun and I can play with him or her

cheerful cheerfully.For












nice it is to grow up with a sibling! Ⅵ.书面表达(满分 25 分) 假设你是李华,上个月去英国参加了一次夏令营活动,活动期间一直住在
Mr.Smith 家中。他们给你提供了很多帮助,请写一封感谢信表达对他们的感谢。 内容要点:1.感谢 Smith 夫妇; 2.你的感受; 3.邀请 Smith 夫妇来华旅游。 注意: 1.词数:100 左右。开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Mr.and Mrs.Smith, How are you doing?_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 【参考范文】 Dear_Mr.and_Mrs.Smith, How_are_you_doing?I am writing to express my gratitude to you for offering
accommodation when I was in England. It was so kind of you to take care of me when I was not used to the weather
there.Besides,you bought Chinese food for me,which really surprised me.What's more,I always remember those ancient stories you told me,which helped me know more about your culture and history.Nothing will be able to erase our wonderful memories,and I will cherish them forever.
I will feel honored and pleased if you can come to China for a visit and I will be your guide.Would you kindly let me know if you can make it?
Thanks again for what you have done for me.May you be blessed in everything you do.

Yours, Li_Hua